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Ways To Read Books Without Actually Reading

Ask anyone who loves reading books, and they will tell you how immensely pleasurable it is to just sit by yourself in a cozy corner and read your favorite book. Reading requires a calm state of mind and as little disturbance as possible from your surroundings.

Not everyone can have such a perfect set up to read their books. Some have to find the time to read at least a few minutes a day. Be it in a noisy waiting area or the subway, that has you jostling all the way due to people getting in and getting out, around you, you just can focus continuously.

So, what does one do? Not read? Get irritated? Well, one can still know what’s in their book without having to read the traditional way. One can listen to the books rather than putting their head into the book and focusing on those words.

Audio Books

Any true book lover may not be open to the idea of an audio book at first. This is because they are not allowed to read in their own pace and digest the words slowly. They are forced to follow someone’s narration and digest the information at that pace. This may not suit all. Some may read too fast while some may like to take their own time.

The main reason behind the success of such audio books is, the book is read out the way the author visualized it. It may not suit your pronunciations or speed, but this is the way the author had it in their head when they were penning down the thoughts.

Harry Potter audio books free are the words any Harry Potter fan would love to see when they are searching for interesting audio books. One can hear all those newly coined words the way J.K Rowling intended them to be. This makes it more interesting than flipping through the books and figuring out how each spell had to be pronounced.