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Games That Challenge Your Mental Skill

Social engagement and cognitive ability is a process which occurs throughout our life time. Stress, Anxiety, Depression all are signs of cognitive decline which can be challenged by learning new skills, giving your brain a good overhaul with activities which increases and keeps the neurotransmission going on. Whenever we pick a new skill, or play a game the brain get recharged to adapt into the new situation.

To stretch your brain chose an activity like reading, playing cards, solving crossword puzzles.

Challenging your attention and memory games like cognitive simulation, which work on how much information your mind can simultaneously process?

Optical Illusions’ trick your brain the maximum, it is difficult to comprehend the colors, the patterns going on in the mazes.Ambigous illusions keeps the virtual perception and keep seeing the same things differently each time.

Logical Puzzles, the word cookie game is one of a kind online game and the web has hints and I found word cookies answers from this site. There are different versions of the word cookie game which allows users to swipe across, in any direction to get the letter words. There are several sub levels in the game which challenge you thinking ability to the core.

Visual workouts like which shade or color is darker than the other in a square board, is completely different answers explore surprising phenomena.

Pattern identification, reasoning skills, are yet another way to sharpen your mental agility, counting the number of squares in a huge box of different shaped patters, are all visual treat to the eyes and the brain.

The Current fitness fad has hit each one of us in one way or the other, mental fitness is gaining importance with tremendous metal simulation online games like Brainwaves Center, Brain Arena are collection of all mental skill checking at galore.