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LV Wallets- A Style Statement With Functionality

Possessing a branded wallet which has great looks and is wonderful on the functionality aspect too is every women’s dream. Not only will she feel comfortable with it, she would definitely love to flaunt it as well. I too am one of those ladies who loves bags and wallets and have an eye for exclusive ones which are worth their money.

All the people who know me well know about my fetish and craze for good bags and wallets. So, I’m the least surprised when I get them as birthday and anniversary gifts. Last week I was pleasantly surprised when I opened my door to a receive a gift-wrapped parcel from the delivery boy of an online store. After wondering for a while if it was any special day or celebration and realized it was just a normal day. Still trying to figure out that, I excitedly opened the gift that had my name on it.  I was more surprised to see that it was from my husband who rarely buys gifts, that too only for occasions and never just like that.

Imagine my joy and excitement when I opened the gift to find that my husband bought me a lv wallet. I was thrilled to bits as this was one wallet that I had been eyeing for quite some time but never got down to buying it.  I just reached out for my phone and called up my husband and thanked him profusely for this wonderful gesture.

Lv wallets are a class apart and they simply ooze style and quality. They have a wonderful finish and are so well made. This particular wallet was such an elegant piece with the lv monogram all over that made it so exclusive. I was completely floored and just couldn’t wait to start using it and of course showing it off to my friends and family too.