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Beauty Advice Straight From Hollywood

Beauty advice is always welcomed, as staying beautiful is on everyone’s wish list. Needless to say, that their reception is grander when they come from the mouths of some of the popular & beautiful Hollywood stars.

Here are a few beauty tips, all the way from Hollywood.

  1. Fergie’s beauty advice is to use natural olive oil for beautiful hair. Her hair care routine includes applying olive oil to the hair and letting it stay overnight so that it moisturizes the hair. Hair will definitely look shinier and hydrated the next day after a good hair wash.
  2. Gabrielle Union’s beauty advice to her fans is ice application. Gabrielle puts her face under ice-cold water the first thing she wakes up in the morning. This helps tighten the pores of her skin and de-puff her eyes.
  3. Salma Hayek believes the key to looking beautiful is in cleansing from the inside. Salma Hayek shares that days before a red-carpet event, she goes on a fluid diet by consuming various combinations of nutritional juices made of 1,200 calories for a period of three to five days. This helps to clean her body from the inside, thus looking great on the outside. Salma’s favorite recipe is a combination of one apple, two carrots, half a beet and one-quarter of a lemon. This Red Essential juice reduces bloating and gives a glowing skin.

Let’s not forget to study stars from the past as well.

  1. Beautiful eyed Elizabeth Taylor’s secret to looking good lies in a good long beauty sleep. She once said, “If you do not get a good night’s sleep, then you will look like hell”.

Evergreen beautiful star Marilyn Monroe’s secret to an enviable figure was the combination of a high protein diet and weight training exercises. She never skipped breakfast and mostly started her day by having two raw eggs mixed in a cup of warm milk.